Tile and Grout Cleaning Upper North Shore

Hire expert tile and grout cleaners to bring your tile floors back to life.

LTM Carpet Cleaning offers professional, reliable and affordable tile and grout cleaning in Upper North Shore. Each tile variety has its own peculiar idiosyncrasies. The tile and grout cleaning technique differs from tile to tile.

The Need for Tile and Grout Cleaning

There’s no dearth of options when you want to decorate your home floors with tiles. Popular options include porcelain, ceramic, travertine, bluestone, marble, and sandstone among others. Over time, the space between the tiles gathers dirt, dust and grime and can get dirty. If left unchecked, they can turn your once beautiful floors looking ugly and unsightly.

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Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning in Upper North Shore

We will restore your tiles by removing all dirt, grime, mould and deposits from the grout. Your dull looking tiles will look sparklingly clean and shine all along. We recommend regular tile cleaning to prolong the life of your tiled floors.

Our technicians are fully qualified, well trained and very efficient. We will inspect your tiles to determine the type of technique and cleaning solutions that will work on your floor. We will carry out a thorough cleanse using the necessary equipment and techniques.

If need be, we may carry out stain treatment. We make use of high pressure equipment to pressure wash the tile floors to remove all the dirt and grime. Once the job is done, we will seal the grout for lasting results.

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We have the expertise, the equipment and the techniques to get your tiled floors back to life. If it’s been years since your tiled floors were cleaned, now is the right time. Speak to LMT Carpet Cleaners today for a free quote.

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