Tile and Grout Cleaning South West Sydney

Are you looking to fresh your tiled floors that once made a stunning impression? You need a professional deep clean solution for your stained tiles and grout in your office, home or restaurant. No matter what your requirements, when you are looking for professional tile and grout cleaning in South West Sydney, think of LTM Carpet Cleaning.

The Problem with Grout

Grout is a paste made of water, sand and cement that’s placed across and between newly installed tiles. This paste bonds the tiles together and keeps water and other particles from going beneath the tiles, which could cause huge problems.

However, grout is a porous substance, and over time dirt and moisture settle onto it. Liquid spills, grease, limescale and grime will all settle onto it. Soon, this area becomes discoloured and a breeding ground for bacteria and odour, especially in toilets and bathrooms.

How Our Professionals Can Help

Our professional tile and grout cleaning South West Sydney specialists will make use of high pressure hot water along with high quality grout cleaning products to remove all stains, dirt and grime.

We will then remove this dirty water using industrial grade vacuum cleaners to reveal a sparklingly clean and a refreshing tiled floor that looks as good as new.

Whether you need to clean the tiles and grout in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, entryway, or office, we will remove all stains and discolouration to restore your tiles and give them a fresh lease of life.

Speak to our tile and grout cleaning experts in South West Sydney.

The Finishing Touch

After the cleaned floor dries up, our cleaning technicians can also reseal your grout using super efficient sealants. These will cover up the pores in the grout to create a highly efficient protective layer that will keep dirt and residue away for a long time.

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