Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I have my carpets steam cleaned?

To get the longest possible wear out of your carpet, your carpets should be cleaned regularly. You know it
is time to clean the carpet if: :

  • Your carpet was last cleaned over 12 months ago
  • The carpet is very soiled
  • Pets are allowed on the carpet.
  • The carpet is in high traffic area in your office or home.
2. Why do some carpet cleaners advertise extremely low prices (as low as $5.00 per room) and when they
arrive to clean my carpets the price always goes up?

It is an old trick called bait and switch. Simply, they want you to book with them because the price is too good to
refuse. When the cleaner arrives at your house you will be charged all the extras like extra for stain removal, extra
for medium to heavy soiling, extra because you will be told your carpet needs an industrial clean, extra for deodorizing,
extra because the $5,00 per room price only applies when you have 15 rooms cleaned and the list goes on.

A professional carpet cleaner will include spot and stain removal, heavy soiling and deodorizing in the price
quoted over the phone.

3. My friend tells me not to have my carpet cleaned because when she had them cleaned, the carpets became
dirty very quickly.

Yes this can happen when a poor quality carpet cleaner pumps your carpet with detergent and leaves it without
thorough washing.

A professional carpet cleaner will avoid this problem by pre-spraying your carpet at first, then rinsing the
pre-spray out, similar to a rinse cycle on a washing machine.

4. How often should I clean my carpets?

Your carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 months. When cleaned and maintained correctly, the carpet
life is extended. Your carpet will not be damaged if cleaned correctly and on a regular basis. It is the unseen bacteria,
soils and allergens that cause the damage.

5. Is it possible to clean carpets too often?

No. Periodic cleaning of the carpet will help keep preserve its original appearance.

It is recommended that high-traffic areas (doorways, hallways, etc) and areas of heavy-soiling (near kitchen,
dining room, rumpus room, etc) are cleaned more frequently than the other areas.

Before hiring the services of carpet cleaners, remember to vacuum your carpet at least weekly with a good quality vacuum.

6. How soon can I walk on my carpet after cleaning?

Immediately, a professional carpet cleaner will clean the carpet fibres only. The backing underlay or
floorboards should never get wet.

7. What stains will be removed when I have my carpets cleaned?

A spot is a substance that is seen on the carpet fibre, but can easily be wiped. A stain is more advanced and
there are pure chances it might become a permanent mark on the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaner will remove all spots (food, grease, mud, etc).

A professional carpet cleaner will have more problems removing a permanent stain as compared to a spot. LTM carries
large amounts of stain removal solutions to wipe of the stains of coffee, tea, blood, cola, urine, red wine etc. If the
stain is not a permanent, stain removal will be successful.

8. Will hot water extraction (steam cleaning) damage my carpet?

No. Hot water extraction is the method preferred by many leading carpet manufacturers. It is considered by many to
be the best method of removing embedded soil and other contaminants.

9. Will carpet cleaning destroy the stain-resist treatment?

No. It is not necessary to reapply the stain-resist treatment after every carpet cleaning service, depending on
how frequently the carpet is cleaned.

Foot traffic can destroy some stain-resist treatments. Therefore, those treatments should be reapplied after every
2nd or 3rd carpet cleaning service. Carpet that is only cleaned each every 12 to 18 months may require
treatment at that time.