Are professional carpet cleaners worth it

Are professional carpet cleaners worth it?


Ideally, carpets should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner every once or twice a week and need to be deep cleaned once or twice a year. Regular vacuuming only helps in maintenance of the carpet and removes the dust only on the surface level. Deep cleaning is required to remove all other harmful contaminants that a vacuum cannot get rid of.

Just because your carpet looks clean doesn’t mean it is. There are a lot of microscopic contaminants in a carpet that can degrade the house’s hygiene. A dirty carpet can cause allergies, respiratory problems and other kinds of illnesses. This is why deep cleaning is important. 

In order to save some money, a lot of times we try to deep clean the carpets ourselves. But is it a good idea?

Why should you go for professional carpet cleaning?

Most people know how to clean their carpets but just knowing is not enough. You need the skills, equipment and products. It can be a little too much work.

Professional carpet cleaners have better equipment and products

To perform deep cleaning on your carpets by yourself, you will have to rent the carpet cleaning equipment. The rented equipment might not be very efficient or up to date, making it not worth the effort. The extra effort of carrying the equipment, trying to figure it out and then doing it all by yourself only to not get satisfactory results can be pretty disappointing. Professional carpet cleaners have powerful, latest technology equipment and the best products to deep clean your carpet and can remove even the toughest of stains.

They can get rid of dust mites and mold growth

Dust mites are microscopic organisms living in your carpets that can cause allergies and other health problems. Since they are invisible to the naked eye, they can get skipped while cleaning the carpet by yourself. Dust mites and trapped mold can degrade the hygiene and indoor air as well. Professional carpet cleaners can remove all the harmful agents that can degrade your health.

The can help improve the air quality

If the carpet is left dirty for too long, it can accumulate a lot of mites and other contaminants that could lead to respiratory problems. It can be even more dangerous for people with asthma and other breathing problems. Professional deep cleaners make sure that all these harmful contaminants are completely removed, leaving you with improved indoor air quality and make it safer.

There’s no risk of damaging the carpet

Knowing how to use an equipment theoretically and putting that into practice are two very different things. Even if you know how to use the carpet cleaning equipment, you might end up causing damage to the carpet when trying to do it by yourself. Not just about the equipment, sometimes while cleaning, it may end up getting too wet and not dry properly after that. This could cause a damp smell and even promote mold growth. The professional cleaners understand the requirements of your carpet and the methods they need to use while treating different kinds of carpets and stains. They treat it with utmost care, leaving it fresh and as good as new.

So why don’t we leave the job to the experts?

Our professionals are here to offer you the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney.

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