Carpet Cleaners Sydney

“Excellent service received. Always prompt, reliable and does an excellent job. I fully recommend LTM Carpet
Cleaning Service to anyone.” – JFK

“Prompt service & excellent price! Happy with the result.” – Yen

Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney

“Very professional & great price & excellent service. My lounge and carpet almost like brand new and dry quicker
than I thought. Surely will use LTM and recommend him to my friends” – Isadore Tasi

We used LTM Carpets on our home in Bella Vista. We search the Hills Area for a reputable carpet person as our carpeting
was 15 years old and thought we would have to replace it. LTM came in a timely and professional manner. They gave a
competitive quote and set up a time that was convenient for us. They arrived on time and not only completed the work on
time but did some additional cleaning of our throw rugs. The carpeting looked like new and wished we had cleaned it earlier.
We would highly recommend giving LTM a call to take care of your carpeting needs and give you place a new look. –
M. Palmer, Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, NSW

Unlike most ‘vague’ appointments that people give you when they arrange to come to your house to do a service,
LTM carpet cleaners turned up on time!! Amazing isn’t it? They did a professional job. They got in, did the work and
left – perfect in my world as I don’t have time for cups of teasies with tradies. Oh yeah, prices were competitive too,
but that’s not why I’m recommending them, they did a great job, did it well and did it on time . . .
what else can you ask for? – S Hunter, Rhodes NSW

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